If you love animals called pets, why do you eat animals called dinner?
It is ingrained into us from a young age that the animals we have around our homes as pets are different from the ones we buy dead in packages from the supermarket as ‘meat’. Until recent years, many people went through their lives without stopping to think why we make this distinction and if it is an acceptable, ethical choice.
The question is not, “Can they reason? nor “Can they talk?” but rather, “Can they suffer?”  (Jeremy Bentham).
It is important to remember that farm animals are absolutely no different from pet animals, and that given time a pig, cow or chicken will be affectionate, loving and intelligent just like dogs, cats and other pets.
The conditions on farms are hideous and it is something which people often push to the back of their mind. Often the labels ‘free-range’ and ‘organic’ put consumers’ minds at ease and keep the guilt at bay. However, are you honestly aware of the true nature of these free range farms? Unacceptably small improvements have to be made to a farm for it to change from factory farm to a ‘welfare’ farm.
Here is a recent article discussing welfare standards in British farms. This is happening right on our doorsteps and is not a problem which is  unique to other countries, as many people argue. This is never going to get better, there is little argument for welfarism when the demand for meat is so high, the standards simply cannot be met.
Besides this, there is no humane way to slaughter an animal purely for our own tastebuds. It is completely unnecessary and inhumane when we do not need  to consume their flesh to be happy, healthy and fulfilled.
Please adopt a cruelty free and compassionate diet and have respect for all sentient beings.