Why do we not support Zoos?
The whole concept of Zoos is increasingly under question, as our knowledge of animal behaviour, feelings and capacity for suffering, increases.
The day will come when people will look back and be horrified by the very concept of a “Zoo” ie. prison, for animals.
Holding any animal captive for human entertainment is unethical, unnecessary and can never be justified.
Conservation?  Leading experts in conservation assert that animals can only be properly conserved near or in their own ecosystem. They do not support zoos as a way of conservation of species.  There are many other ways to deal with conservation, without imprisoning animals.
The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”  ( Mahatma Gandhi ).
EVA has wholeheartedly supported the bill to ban wild animals in circuses. It is a totally unacceptable cruelty to make animals live an unnatural and confined life on the road, travelling from place to place and then make them perform demeaning and meaningless tricks, dressed up for our entertainment. This is an “entertainment” of a bygone era and belongs firmly in the past. Thankfully there is substantial public support for a ban on tigers, lions, zebras and other wild animals in circuses.
However, this does not include horses, dogs and other domestic animals. Sadly, these animals also suffer a life of constant transportation and endless training to make them perform ridiculous and utterly meaningless tricks.
Please never support circuses which use animals and make it clear to the owners that you will not be attending until they remove all animals and make sure they have a reputable sanctuary in which to live out their lives.
At the end of June 2013, members of Ethical Voice for Animals and supporters held a peaceful demonstration at Zippos’ Circus in Edinburgh. We raised awareness of the fact that Zippos is still using horses and dogs and asked the public not to support this animal abuse. The animals have no choice about being in the circus…but you have a choice to speak out for them and make sure all future circuses are animal free.
All human circuses are gaining in popularity and you can still have a great day out!